Create Your Signature Coaching Framework & Offer In 7 Days!

CREATE  YOUR SIGNATURE  COACHING OFFER THAT STANDS YOU OUT FROM MULTITUDE OF COACHES (attracts your best clients and gives your clients  real  transformation with tangible result they can’t get anywhere else)  

THIS 7-Day Workshop Is For You If....

✔️ You are a newly Certified coach .


✔️ YOU are an experts who has been building your personal brand online .


✔️It’s for new Thought Leaders and Coaches who have been Coaching INFORMALLY, and at this point, you are  ready to go into coaching full time.


✔️It’s for experts who desire to structure their knowledge and  create their own signature coaching framework so they can licenses it and make a lot more money.


✔️ It’s for experts who are willing and ready to learn and EXECUTE  ruthlessly!


✔️ This is for you, if you actually want to  start getting clients; clients that get tangible results and clients that pay . 


Before working with Coach Goodness Ben, I was struggling with knowing who I was talking to, my ideal client and I had no coaching framework which all affected my offer. The framework session with Goodness was amazing, SHE WORKED MAGIC. Most coaches will just skim over, but goodness dug deep until I got absolute clarity . I will recommend Goodness for anyone seeking for such services.


Created Your Coaching Framework

So you can have a well Structured unique Coaching methodology that makes you different and gives you a defined process for delivering real transformational value that clients will gladly pay you premium for.

Create Your Signature Coaching Offer Suite

So you can have a transformational, irresistible coaching offer, that is easy to sell. This is important for you as a coach who has never launched a signature coaching program before.

Gain Clarity

Super clear about your ideal clients and how to accurately position your offer and framework in such a way that it speaks directly to them and them alone.

Coach Onuorah Nkemjika

I joined the Challenge because I knew I was lacking in giving a transformational solution to my prospect, I wanted to know how to truly improve their life instead of just throwing information at them.

Join this Challenge is the best decision and investment I made for my business.

Coach Goodness is  the best, she is so interested in our growth which is very rare, and is something I am going to implement in my  business as a Coach.

Hi, I am Goodness Ben

For more than half a decade, I have used both my free and paid content to help over 10,000 online brands across different platforms, to build a strong personal brand and monetize their knowledge. In the course of my activities, I have been featured on different platforms and media houses like Leadership Newspaper, SheLeads Africa,, Darling Fm, Eckocity Magazine, Orient Television, etc.

I have created 3 different coaching programs with fantastic results, in 2022, I decided to fully focus on helping many other experts who desire to step into coaching fully. And within this period, I have helped many female coaches from different countries around the world to structure their knowledge, create, and launch their own signature coaching program.

In the cause of my work, I have come in contact with many  knowledgeable  individuals , some are even certified coaches who   shy away from showing up effectively  as a coach because they keep wondering; what do I offer people if  they reach out to hire me as their coach?  What do I offer them? The problem isn’t that you don’t know what to teach. Nah! 

You know you can help them, you have the knowledge, you have the expertise but it’s all scattered.  You don’t know exactly how to put it all together into a coaching solution. You may have helped people in the past, but you know that’s not coaching and you truly want to going into coaching full time.

I understand this deeply  because this was my exact situation 4 years ago. In the process of building my brand online and sharing my knowledge, more people became interested in what I was doing.

Even though I had written a book and hosted paid training, some persons reached out to me to ask how much do I charge for my coaching programs? I had none, I didn’t even know how to put it all together. This made me slow down in showing up as a coach, it affected my confidence.  I can’t be answering a Coach without a coaching offer.

Then it dawned on me that  I needed to create my own coaching program. I had to enroll into a coaching program, I became coached, then I started learning how to also coach others. As an expert who has been on this journey for the past 5 years and have successfully created different coaching programs and made different offers, I am going to work you through the core processes starting from your UNIQUE COACHING METHODOLOGY/FRAMEWORK.

This is a process of putting your knowledge together into a structured coaching system through which you can create a tangible transformation in the life of your clients.

Your framework influences your results as a coach. Your framework determines the duration of your coaching program . Your framework determines the first step you will take your clients through when they enroll into your coaching program. 

And after we are done with this, we will create your signature coaching offer. If you desire to go into coaching full time, this where you want to start from.


I know you’ve seen countless Challenges and workshops out there,  maybe you’ve been part of one of those empty 5-day challenges where they  give you mindset talk on the first day, handle your possible objections on the next day and then sell to you the remaining days of the challenge, no tangible result. 

You see, this isn’t  the same because we are diving into the real deal right from the first day, tangible steps each day which takes you a step closer to creating your signature coaching framework and your signature offer..

If you’re still considering if l joining the Create your Coaching Offer in 7 Days workshop’ because you are wondering, will it be a good step for you? It depends, If you are ready to go into coaching full-time, create your unique framework and offer that attracts your best clients and gives them real transformation so you can become a result producing coach who is different from multitude of coaches out there, then you know what? This is the step for you. it is a big step.
Or perhaps for you it’s more like, ‘Can I really create a coaching offer in just 7 days?’ or ‘Is this worth my investment?’ Your questions and concerns are valid. But then, let’s think about the worst that can happen, so let’s say you invest $25 and 7 days into this workshop? Maybe it ended up not being exactly what you expected, or you didn’t make as much progress as you hoped.
But losing a few hours in a week and $7 which is less than  the price of one box of pizza really that bad? It’s just $25, which is less than what most of us spend on a single lunch. Now on the other hand, Imagine you join this challenge and it works for you? 
Just some days from now, you could have a well structured coaching offer ready to share with the world. 
You could have structured your knowledge into a unique framework . You’ve always had the expertise; this is your chance to turn it into something tangible. And if you think about the risks? The worst is you’re out $25. But the potential reward? That’s creating a future business, attracting clients, making a real difference, and gaining financial freedom. So why not give it a shot? 
Dive in and let’s see the potential of what could be. Join the $3.6 per day  ‘Create your Coaching Offer in 7 Days Challenge’ today and unlock your  next phase as a  coach.

7 Days of learning and Q & A session

7 Days Of Implementation

Daily Worksheet

Frequently asked questions

When will the Challenge start?

From 25th- 31st

How much time am I expected to put in.

Most of my clients are very busy individuals too, and that is why the challenge is designed in such a way that you expected to only spend maximum of 25-30 minutes  during  our LIVE SESSION, then you can work on your daily activities, at your time within each day, so you can complete your daily activities. 

Can you work with me privately and help me create my framework personally?  

Yes, I can. There are two options;  you can book for a 2 hours 1:1 CREATE YOUR SIGNATURE COACHING METHODOLOGY  INTENSIVE SESSION. This a private intensive session, where I co-create with you, we work together to create and structure your unique coaching frame work. The investment for the 1:1 intensive is $197. We schedule based on your most convenient time, many individuals like you, go for the 1:1 intensive because it’s convenient, we go far more deeper than just creating a framework and I co- create with you. 

OPTION 2: I can also work with you privately, when you join the coaches launchpad, which is an intensive 6 weeks coaching program where we go beyond just framework, to show you how to create, launch and test your  SIGNATURE COACHING PROGRAM, .  If you would like to get more details or take any of these options, send me a message via email

What if I am unable to meet up and join the daily live session?

That wouldn’t be a problem, all the sessions will be saved in the group, so you can access it later, and many more times, incase you want to go through it again.

Where will this Challenge take place?

Challenge will be online, via a Telegram group. As soon as you make your payment online, you will be automatically redirected to the group.

Will I still have access to you after the 7 days?

No, all access and activities will end at the end of the Challenge , unless you are part of the CoachesLaunchPad  or you are working with me in any of my other programs.