Hello Expert,

I am excited to have you here. For the next four weeks I will be embarking  on this journey  to teach  purpose and impact driven EXPERTS .

But just before you go ahead to read, I would like to  be sure if you and I, are on the same page on this, so we don’t get to waste each others time.


1)I wouldn’t know, but  if you are just strolling the online streets, and not yet so ready to put yourself together, stand up, shine your brilliance to the world, make an impact and earn premium for it, then there is no need for you to be here. 

Kindly close this page now!

2) If you are just a freebie seeker, looking around for another free pdf to download and dump in your email, this is not for you, I have no pdf to contribute to that archive.
Yeah, the HCPOC program is not in a pdf format.
3) If you are hoping to check around, find a place to enter your email and signup for a webinar you will never attended, a course you will never open, a training you will never implement. Then this is not perfect for you, please close this page now.

I’m waiting…..

Oh ok!

Then if you are still here reading this next line, then I celebrate you because that means we are on the same page on this.

This means that:

1) You are ready to take a leap to put in your years of experiences in your Expertise and multiple gifts, into products that will make an impact in the life of others.

2) You are ready to create premium products that people will pay you for , so you can comfortably create another stream of income.

3) You are ready to ditch your excuses and use the next 4  Saturdays in this  month, to get started.

If you are ready, and all you need now is an expert guide to help you get started, I am here….


The HCPOC  will take place online, so you can be part of it from anywhere you are in the world.

It will be   in a  Secret Facebook group, for the 4 Saturdays in this month.

 I will go Live to teach, and share with you step by step, on how you can leverage your knowledge, to create and Sell premium online courses .

After each session, the training replay will be left in the group till the next Saturday, so you have a full 7 days to go through it over and over again, begin to implement it before the next session .

EXECUTION is at the Core of my Brand’s Value.

I want to see you Do!

Do and get your result.

And this is why apart from the Facebook group Which the training venue, as soon as you join now, you will be automatically added to our information desk on Whatsapp.  This is the place where you can ask questions in the group, and interact with others.

So you are expected to ask your questions in the group within the week, while I go live on Saturday to teach and answer your questions from the previous week.



1) How to come up with a profitable online course topic.

2) How to carry out market research so you don’t end up creating a course people are not willing to pay for.

3) How to break down your knowledge into a course

4) How to create your online Course. 

5) Tools you can use to create and sell your online course even if you don’t have a website yet.

6) How to package your course as a premium course.

7) Strategic marketing Steps that help you to attract individuals who are waiting to pay for your course.

8) How to create multiple streams of income from one course that you have created.


As a knowledge Monetization Expert, and a certified Life’s Purpose Coach, who is passionately passionate about impact.

HCPOC is my way of giving back. It’s an opportunity that I want to give to experts who are eager to start and COMMIT to this journey.

This is why I am not charging you a training fee.

Yes, you are not going to pay for the value and knowledge that you will be getting during this class .

All you have to do, is to just pay a commitment token.

I mean if I should charge you a fee, for a training like this, for 4 whole weeks, it wouldn’t be anything less than at least $100, which you will agree with me that it worth far more.

But this is not one of my money making products.

It’s more like an opportunity for me to connect with you for the next 1 month, help you and, of course work with you in future in my other programs.

So yes, that’s the goal.

So you are not paying a training fee,

 Just a 10$ commitment fee, to say, I commit to this!

I commit to give no excuse!

I commit to implement!

I commit that I will NOT  take this opportunity for granted, because it’s free.

YOU see, I don’t want people who are not ready!

I don’t want to waste my time and yours, I only want to help you if you are ready to be helped.

And if you are, then there is something more.

If you take this step now to pledge to commit to massively implement all you will be learning, by paying the 10$ commitment fee.

You will be getting a COMMITMENT BONUS PACK from me 


I will give you two  amazing products worth $20, as a bonus .

So you get double, for what you just paid.

So when I said it’s free, there’s nothing hiding.  I’m  only asking that you pay this commitment token,  just to get a level of commitment from you.

 I mean it’s only fair that if I can clear my schedule throughout a month to help you, WHEN I CAN EVEN CHARGE YOU HEAVILY FOR A CLASS THAT WILL SPAN THIS LONG, a tiny  sign of commitment from you, is just fair, right?



1) Where will this training take place?


In a closed Facebook group. But as soon as you register now, you will be sent to join the information desk on WhatsApp(group), that’s where you will get the link to the training venue .

2) I love what I have seen and I am eager to start, but I am thinking, will this class be perfect for me ?


This class is not for everyone. This class is perfect for individuals who have knowledge, skills , or experiences in a field, and at this point in their lives, they want to have people pay them for their knowledge, and as such they want to learn how to CREATE and SELL a premium online course, so they can at least get started, have people pay them for their knowledge.

3) I am just seeing this, and the first Saturday has passed, what do I do? 


If you missed the first class which is the first Saturday of the month, you can still join us now and catch the replay of the previous week. But if you missed the first and second Saturday already, I am afraid you can’t be part of this, this month.

 4) Do I have a private access to you during this program?

Ans: No, you only have access to me in the the group. But if you want to have a personal access to me and have me work with you personally, there is a package for that. You can reach me personally to get more details.

5) I know how to create courses, I have created one before now and I have started my brand, should I still join the program, perhaps I will learn something new.


No, don’t join the program, I think you have passed this level. Yes, I know that there are things you will definitely learn new if you do, but that’s not the best option for you now.

Here is what I will suggest.

Click  on this link  to apply to have a clarity session with me. If your application is approved, I will have a personal session with you, so I can give you a personal tailored help, based on what you need right now on your journey.

6) What if I am unable to meet up with the training?


Because my clients are super busy people just like me, I consider time.

So the sessions are all going to be less than an hour . Once a week, the replay will be left for you to catch up before the next training which is 7 days apart.

So time is not the problem, commitment is, and if you are not ready to commit to do  this, let’s not waste each other’s time.

Is there something else you would like to ask?

WhatsApp: +2348182459818

Or send  an email