Do you have this inner hunger to discover who you are? DO You desire to touch lives and create multiple streams of income through your knowledge & your Expertise ? 

Hello Dazzling,

I’m Goodness Ben, the founder of She’sMuchMoreAfrica. Having gone through this part  myself for a longtime, I know how it feels to be confused.
To feel empty within, trying every opportunity all in the name of creating multiple streams of income. Or is it the consistent yearning within me to become more?
As a wife and mum with two boys to take care of then, with no nanny or house-help, I started my journey clueless and with no experience.
All I knew was I made a post in a group on Facebook where I talked about how one could start a business with zero capital through drop shipping, and over 100 people commented that they were interested in learning more.
That was how I created my first webinar & live stream, it was unplanned, a night after my baby’s dedication and that’s how my journey towards monetising my knowledge, experiences and expertise started.
If you have  paid attention, you would have seen lots of people making money, creating impact doing what they are passionate about, by using what they have within them and leveraging the internet as a medium to grow their brand.
You celebrate them while they live their dreams and enjoy life at its peak.
Have you thought in your mind…
When will I  be liberated? Start making money through my knowledge, earn through passion so I also can touch lives, create impact and make money doing what I enjoy?
When will I also be celebrated, have different streams of income while I use my passion, abilities and knowledge ?

Does any of these sound like you?

◊       You are tired of being CONFUSED about your purpose in life, trying out different things that doesn’t really resonate with you.
◊       YOU ARE tired of one stream of income and would love to diversify.
 ◊      You Are so Eager to profit from  your knowledge and expertise but you don’t know how.
◊       You want to leverage the internet to GROW YOUR BRAND and earn from the comfort of your home.
◊ You are  tired of your 9 – 5 and you need out QUICK, however you don’t realise how to go about it.
◊     You have so many skills, passion or talent but you are just  CONFUSED ABOUT WHICH ONE TO FOCUS  ON, how do I know the  most profitable to start with?
◊    You Need To Accomplish More With YOUR LIFE!
◊   You have bought so many courses, learnt different skills, yet you know within you, there is NO SIGNIFICANT CHANGE.
◊ Do you have this deep yearning in your heart to be more, you want to be relevant, touch lives and make a mark but you don’t seem to know exactly where to start from.
◊   You are struggling with  your brand online, that you are now thinking, does this online thing thoroughly work?
Frankly, I was once in your shoes considering how I started my journey as I shared with you earlier.
But prior to this, I was just a lady who learned a skill online; I learned how to make fascinators; I designed and displayed them on Facebook and I was making sales.

But that was just one stream of income and wasn’t enough to make me financially independent, that wasn’t all that I wanted for myself. 

I wanted to be relevant, to make an impact, stand out just like you.


Fear, confusion and procrastination held me back …


The fear of  not knowing what do, the fear of what people will say, I thought she studied Medical Laboratory Science? what is she going into again?

I was so scared of the future, what if it doesn’t work for me? Am I even qualified to do this, will anyone pay attention to me?


Do I even know enough?


Just like you, I wanted to earn money doing what I enjoy and live purposefully.

I was not ready to continue with a routine and boring lifestyle.

I wanted to build a profitable brand that resonates with me so I can make money doing what I’m passionate about.


I wanted to make an impact and build my brand. But I was clueless and scared, I was worried if it would work for me, if it will be profitable.


So it’s ok if you feel same way now….and I officially welcome you to MBY




MBY is an ONLINE  mentoring program  that focuses on helping you discover your life’s purpose,  turn your skills and Knowledge into a profitable streams of income.
So you can build your own brand, make money doing what you really enjoy, touch lives and make  an  impact.



⇒   Courses    

You will have access to 7 core modules, of well structured courses.

⇒  90 short lessons

Each of these core courses are made up of lessons with the duration of  10 to 15 minutes each.  So for the next 90 days, you have one new level of knowledge to attain, daily and all you need to put in is 15mins daily, Isn’t that amazing?

   Monthly strategy session

You will have access to my monthly strategy sessions  , reviews and Q & A via Zoom, totally free. You will be able to interact , share and connect with other amazing individuals on this journey with you.  This is valued at =N=30,000 per session


At the end of MBY program, you will be having an extra one month access to me, which is strictly for implementation and results. This is worth  =N=50,000.
During this period, I will hold you accountable, support and monitor you as you step out to implement. You are expected to achieve at least one specific goal within this period, it could be to write and publish your book, launch your course or host your training. 


This is made up of 16 lessons.

This covers important aspects like:

  • Understanding & Mastering your belief system
  • How to create your dream life.
  • Result producing goal setting.
  • Identifying and Understanding your unique ability.
  • Vision & Mindset.

This is made up of 19 lessons, that covers core areas like

  • How to identify the business in you.
  • What to do when no one believes in your brand.
  • How to move from ideas to results.
  • How to niche down profitably and validate your business idea using the profitability tool, so you can build a highly profitable business and not waste your time and resources on ideas that are not profitable. 
  • How to grow your business exponentially and a whole lot more.

It is made up of 24 lessons.

A step by step guide, that walks you through the process of launching a brand through your knowledge and expertise, and covers core areas like:

  • How to build your brand from the scratch.

  • Hacks to move you from amateur to a professional in your field.

  • Profitable and effective personal branding strategies for your brand.

  • How to create a unique brand, online.

This is made up of 12 lessons, that covers core areas like:

  • Different ways through which you can earn through your knowledge and expertise.
  • How to create and sell premium products.
  • Product validation processes.
  • How to create e-Courses
  • Tools for creation, sales and branding of your products .
This is made up of 13 lessons.   

And covers important areas like: 

  • Mastering social media for sales.

  • How to build your authority platforms

  • Social media visibility.

  • Social media branding

  • Pillars for exponential brand’s growth on social media, and a lot more.

This is made up of 9 lessons. 

It covers key areas like:

  • How to create your Ideal tribe or audience.
  • How to identify and attract paying customers.
  • How to setup your paid Facebook advert.
  • How to identify  where your ideal clients are, so you can easily attract them to your brand.


This is made up of 13 lessons.

And it covers key areas like:

  • Tools for easy content creation.
  • How to create great content with ease.
  • Mindset for massive sales
  • How to overcome sales objections.


    =N= 301,000 

MBY offers you all the mentoring, support and knowledge you need to create a life that is financially independent, with multiple streams of income, touch the lives of others through what God has deposited in you, so you can live a more fulfilling life, living your dreams.


You should work with me because just like you,  I started my brand with no basic knowledge and today I have gotten to this point of;

  •  Earning comfortable figures online through my  skills, experiences  and expertise.
  • I have created impact in the life of more than FIVE thousand individuals across platforms and I have trained 200 women to run their businesses online.
  • Within one year of starting my brand, I became an Amazon bestselling author. I co-authored an international bestselling book titled  “My Journey My Journal ” with other international authors as I happen to be the only Nigerian.
  • I have been featured on different platforms online, like SheLeads Africa, Jidekaiji Global Magazine,, etc.
  • I have been featured on Television & radio many times.
  • In 2020, I was awarded the business coach of the year by PCD Academy & Crystal Edge Professional.
  •  I have spoken at different events & I’m highly knowledgeable in this field.
  • You should listen to me because whatever I’m sharing with you is what I have successfully done for myself and have also helped others like you to achieve.
  • And outside my experience,  I am a certified Life Purpose Coach. So you see, I have the experience and the certification to give you the best.


Imagine At the end of this 3 months…

  •  You now touch lives with your gifts and you are being paid while doing this.
  • You are respected and honoured by lots of people who look up to you, your life has so much meaning and you are proud of the woman or man you’ve become.
  • Moving from one source of earning to understanding how to create multiple sources of income.
  • Waking in the morning to see alerts from people who bought your products and services.
  • Earning while you sleep because some systems are automated, so whether you are there or not, you are making money.
  • You now have a clear knowledge of your life’s purpose, with so much clarity , you can focus on it and build a brand that allows you to earn doing what you love.
  • You have finally found a way to quench this inner hunger and desire in your heart for you to be MORE and do MORE not just the ORDINARY life.
  • You wake up to your optimal life and you go from work style to a lifestyle of earning doing what you enjoy.
  • You now know how to create  products through your knowledge that helps you get a premium pay no more peanuts. 

This is what a full 3 months in MBY will offer you.


I know you are thinking, for all these goodies, how much will I pay? You are right, if I were in your shoes, that’s what I will be thinking about too.

Considering the value, the LIFE-TIME transformation and results, MBY is worth more than =N=300,000. That’s the fact.

Yet, I decided to make MBY  affordable, so that individuals who are in dire need of this, can make the required sacrifice to invest into themselves. 

Yes, it’s an investment into yourself, because you are your brand’s capital.
For this  academic session, you will not be investing =N300,000, neither will you be investing =N=150,000 which a 50% discount, which is amazingly amazing.
But just to support you and help you to get started,

You will be investing only = N=101,000 for the full 3 months program.


Yes, that’s a ridiculous amount, right? I know it is.



This is the amount you will pay  if you are  making  a full one time payment, right now.


I can boldly tell you that MBY is crazily affordable considering the value, the transformation & knowledge poured into this program.
When you think of the bonuses, you will agree with me that it is almost free. 
You can’t even  think of comparing this  =N=101,000 investment with that of other programs because unlike some,  Mby is not just where you get only support and motivation but full training and more than 90 lessons, I mean, it’s fully loaded .
Then the crazy early bird  discount, which is totally a no-brainer.
And  I know if you’ve made inquiries for such programs  before now, you’ll be nodding your head in affirmation  because you know this is the fact.

And sincerely, I can’t guaranty if MBY will remain at this ridiculous rate after this session. 

Nah !!!!


" My biggest breakthrough in being part of MBY so far is the fact that for the first time, I Am FEELING ALIVE, now I truly understand myself and Who I Am . Now I see the opportunities lying around me " "What I like most is the way it is structured, well simplified, easy to understand and implement to achieve results" "MBY is an eye opening program and impactful"
"MBY is a practical and systematic guide for people with a business and life dream. MBY is Rich or Deep, Practical and systematic, it Worth's the investment.
Olufunke Samuel.
"MBY brought all my ideas and thoughts to light and placed them in order." "What I liked the most is the convenience of the class, how mind set opening it is" "It worth every penny invested "MBY gives clarity, confidence and great value for time and money.

What will I get when I join now? This is what you will get as you join Now

  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all the courses worth =N=301,000
  • MONTHLY Question and Answer session via Email, worth =N=10,000
  • MONTHLY Strategy Session worth =N=30,000
  • ASSESSMENT At The End Of The Month For In-depth Knowledge.
  • A FEE free access to my Purpose and Personality clarity session where I help you go through the process of finding your purpose so you can implement this in MBY as you learn how to make money doing what you enjoy. This session is normally =N=50,000 per session.
  • FREE ACCESS to BONUS COURSES in the ACCADEMY worth =N=60,000.



TOTAL: =N=491,000


That’s not all :

  • Go from being confused about how to create other streams of income to having at least 3 more sources of income within 60days.
  • Strategically Launch and grow your brand online so you can go beyond your local sphere.
  • Overcome your fear of starting and procrastination to becoming a go-to-authority in your field within 90 days
  • Turn your passion, abilities and knowledge into different streams of income.
  • Understand your purpose clearly so you can focus and experience exponential growth.
  • Create at least 3 different streams of income.

Signing up for the MBY now before the Discount plan expires, will be the best choice you’ve made now


I guarantee you that your time here will be more than extraordinary. This isn’t another online course… Rather this is a transformational program where ordinary individuals come to learn, receive support and motivation towards becoming extraordinary individuals living their dreams.
I’m here to support you as you take your baby steps into building your own profitable brand doing what you are truly passionate about.
"My biggest breakthrough was having clarity about my purpose and passion." The most important thing I got is the fact that I could re-programme or recondition my mind and go ahead to be whoever I choose to be. The lessons were short, straight to the point. For those who are thinking of enrolling into MBY, I'd say: "Go for it". It is affordable, worthwhile and value packed.
"Through MBY I was able to get clear on a particular business in me to get started with immediately." "Identifying my passion using the profitability tool was the interesting aspects of the MBY for me." "I strongly recommend MBY for anyone who wants more out of life. " "Goodness Ben is intelligent, Resourceful and passionately touching lives in a unique way."
I simply describe MBY with these three words; Clarity, Purpose, and Focus. MBY Worth's investment


  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all the courses
  • MONTHLY Question and Answer session via Email.
  • MONTHLY Strategy Session.
  • ASSESSMENT At The End Of The Month For In-depth Knowledge.
  • A FEE FREE access to my Purpose and Personality clarity session where I help you go through the process of finding your purpose so you can implement this in MBY as you learn how to make money doing what you enjoy.

Then Imagine You:

  • Go from being confused about how to create other streams of income to having at least 3 more sources of income within 60days.
  • Strategically Launch and grow your brand online so you can go beyond your local sphere.
  • Overcome your fear of starting and procrastination to becoming a go-to-authority in your field within 90 days
  • Turn your passion, abilities and knowledge into different streams of income.
  • Understand your purpose clearly so you can focus and experience exponential growth.
  • Create at least 3 different streams of income.

Did I forget to mention that MBY has been featured on:

Yes, you can see the screenshot below. So you see, it’s no child’s play. MBY is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss now because if you do, by the time you make up your mind to enroll , I am certain of two things, there will either be no more available slot or you will have to pay more.   

Don’t let your excuses and procrastination win …

Enrolling Now will be one of those decisions you will remember at the end of this year and you’ll be happy you made that decision immediately…

Let me help you discover your core purpose, turn your passion, abilities and knowledge into different streams of income so you can touch live, create impact and earn doing what you love…


How Does This mentoring Training Work?

MBY is an online mentoring program with a duration of 3 months. As a registered member you can have access to all the training online, at your own time. Date and time for the monthly strategy session I fixed via e-mail communication with coach Goodness Ben.

What Will I Gain During This Training?

MBY is a mentoring program that is focused on equipping you with the right knowledge and give you the support that you need to help you discover and monetise your abilities, turn your experiences and expertise into a profitable brand.With the massive discount given to you as a member of MBY to enable you access the purpose and personality clarity session, you are able to discover your core purpose in life which gives you clarity and fulfilment while you learn the nitty-grritty of making money through it. You able to fulfil purpose and earn from it massively from it.

Am I Qualified To Enroll ?

In as much as I would love to reach out to more people but this program not for everyone. MBY is for;

  1. Individuals  who would love to learn how to create and sell digital product and how you can leverage the internet to grow your personal  brand.
  2. Spiritual teachers, lawyers, website designer, graphic artist, photographer or fashion designer, event planner, real estate agent, skincare owners, salon owners, makeup artist, yoga teachers, health and wellness, accountants, parenting advisers, fashion designers, stylist, service based business owner, physical product based business owner and anyone looking at building and monetizing their expertise and passions, this program is ideal for you.
  3.  If you offer professional services or training services on fitness, law, nutrition, health, event planning, then you are qualified to Enroll.


My answer is yes, if you have a skill.  MBY will open your eyes to the businesses in you, your expertise, gifts and knowledge that you can turn into an enterprise. So by the time you are done, you should have started your new brand.

I Have other Questions that I would love to ask that is not here, what do I do?


Send an e-mail to